In Denial

I’ve decided to take a page out of the books of the holocaust deniers. They’re a bunch of racist assholes, of course, but nevertheless I’ve applied their framework to my own life. Specifically, my life as relates to Star Wars.

I’m starting the Prequel Denier movement.

Lucasfilm has been asking fans to discuss what was going on in their lives ten years ago when they claim to have released some movie or other. I remember being in college, and then nothing happened. Waited in line for some movie, which was fun, but whatever. I totally didn’t go on to see whatever movie it was five times in theatres.

Those DVDs I have? Probably just some marketing materials, or a student film by some undergrads working on their 3D skills. Surely a robust organization like Lucasfilm wouldn’t put out shoddy work like that. And that’s the moral lesson my child will grow up with, too.