Media Representation for Protesters

Much of the US news has been focused on the Obama’s doing this or that at the G20 summit right now. I tune into the BBC world service news now and then on my commute, and of course they’re equally concerned with the protests going on in London. Yesterday I got to hear them interview a few of the people out there, and in light of that, I have a message for the assorted protest groups present.

Get a PR guy. No, I mean really, don’t just designate someone in the cause. Pool your money and hire someone for interviews and stuff. I sympathize with the causes of many of these people, but listening to them rant on about it rather than present their ideas in a concise, useful, informative manner is really quite painful. And part of the problem is that the protesters’ knowledge of wtf they’re talking about only goes so far. You need a PR dude to help you gloss over the problematic questions smoothly.

Also, if you haven’t seen the footage of the protests, go hit youtube. There’s one in particular that someone took from a high rise window right next to the police barricade. It was really quite hilarious. A few of the protestors picked something up and tossed it at police, who just got out of the way. Then in unison the police took about two steps forward, and the front line of the protesters broke and fled.

Which is quite disappointing. These kids today are crappy protesters. What happened to the ones that were proud of the beating scars they’d get? What happened to those trying to taunt the police into beating them so they could claim brutality? Props to the UK cops for showing restraint though. It’s funny: look at the average US police department. Assault rifles, bullet proof armor, SWAT teams with tanks, etc. The UK has no such thing, and many police aren’t even allowed to carry a sidearm. Yet Americans call the UK a horrible oppressive police state.