The cable companies have, for some time now, enjoyed offering bundled services. Internet, TV, phone, etc. AT&T decided to catch up at first by partnering with DirecTV, but now they’re rolling out their UVerse. It’s internet and TV over the same connection to the house.

I’ve been thinking about switching to it. Presently I have AT&T for the phone and DSL, and DirecTV for TVing. In general it works well enough. I’ve been pricing UVerse though and for a similar channel package to what we have now, plus much faster internet, it’d be around $10 less per month (though I’m sure there will be extra fees and tax involved) than the two combined at present. That’s a nice price drop.

The thing is, I’ve heard some horror stories about the install process. The TV boxes can either use Coax (the normal cable line) or Cat5 cable (computer network cabling) to connect to everything. If you don’t have them, they can run it for you. That’s where the stories come from: half-finished installs, stuff not working that needs a different tech to come out, etc. Luckily, my house already has Coax running to each room (though some are disconnected), so it shouldn’t be so bad. I’m still anxious about the install though.

I dunno. Now would obviously be a good time to switch if the price difference I’m seeing is real, though. Something to consider.