RSS for Morons

If you look to the right under the link to Zoe’s pictures, you’ll see a little link marked RSS. Some of you may have wondered what that is. RSS is a wonderful thing and I have learned to love it, so I shall now explain it and spread the gospel.

RSS means ‘Really Simple Syndication,’ but who cares. There is software out there that you can add RSS ‘Feeds’ to, such as my preferred Google Reader. In an RSS reader, you can add hundreds of RSS feeds.

Why would you want to? Because every time an RSS feed updates, it will automagically pop up in your reader so you can know something has updated. If anyone is already subscribed to my RSS feed, then when I hit the create post button I’m staring at, their RSS reader will point out that I have one update. They can read it from right there without having to run around to dozens of websites. It collects it all right there for them.

For folks that visit lots and lots of websites regularly, RSS will save a lot of time.

To sign up for Google Reader you’d first need a Google account. It’s easy to sign up for. Once you have one, log in and look for the option called ‘Reader’. Then click ‘Add Subscription’. You can add as many as you like. Get the RSS link from whatever, plug it in, and it’ll start tracking it for you.

RSS is awesome.