The Clone Wars

Right, so the next big thing for Star Wars right now is the new Clone Wars 3D cartoon. The first ‘episode’ was a theatre released movie, and Friday night they aired the first two normal half-hour episodes on Cartoon Network.

All in all, it’s getting a whole lot of flak from the fan community, and in a lot of ways it deserves it. Yes, the humor is really aimed at children, the art seems strange in a lot of ways, and the storyline of that movie thing was abjectly horrible.

The movie really was pretty lame. I mean really. They included a gay hutt that was more or less a complete ripoff of Truman Capote. It’s overall story was weak, and it really didn’t have much to redeem itself.

But the two episodes they just aired were markedly better. The first involved Yoda and three clone troopers crossing a wilderness trying to avoid droid army patrols, blah blah. It had some good action and it was ok. The second episode, however, was actually quite good. Its theme was a little dark, and even a tad cerebral, yet not over the heads of children. I really do approve.

So despite my panning the movie, I have hopes for the series going forward. I’m still more interested in the upcoming live action show that’s supposed to be in the works, though.