Recommended Viewing – Project Binky

By the way, if you find you have a few hours to kill and respect a bit of truly hardcore automotive restoration, I hugely recommend you check out Project Binky. It’s a labor of love for a pair of guys at Bad Obsession Motorsport in the UK, restoring a classic Mini and shoving a massive engine and suspension into it. The amount of fabrication they get into is jaw-droppingly impressive, down to the point of basically custom building the chassis a teeny bit at a time to make sure everything fits and is secure.

It’s even more impressive when you realize┬áthat they mandated the exterior of it had to maintain a stock appearance, forcing them to get into some amazing design work. Plus a lot of amusing banter to go along with. It’s totes amazeballs.

But they’re not done with it yet. Hashtag-sadface.