Farewell To The Mohawk

I’d been planning on doing a week 3 post, but nothing had changed between weeks 2 and 3. Same stragglers commenting on the hair, same everything else going back to normal. Though the commentary about coloring it green did eventually gave way to the daily question of “so are you going to keep it?”

And the answer was always no. Quite aside from the fact that I didn’t feel like needing to style it anymore, I found that I’d also gotten into a situation of having to worry about whether my hair looked ok. Honestly, I have enough anxiety on a daily basis without needing to add something that fundamental to the repertoire. So shortly ago, on the final day of Movember, I buzzed the thing off.

In the process I found I had a lot more grey hair than I’d realized. But otherwise I’m back to my old traditional crew cut. My head feels naked, but I’ll grow it out to the style that had otherwise become my norm. I’d also forgotten how nice it is to rub my hands over my scalp like this.

So, there. I did something for Movember. I feel good about it, to be honest, and I’m already thinking I’ll do the same next year. But that’s a long way off.

Also, sorry for the crappy picture above. It was a cell phone pic at Thanksgiving when I was feeling sick and looked a bit wasted, so I cropped the hell out of it to get to the focal point: my fabulous hair. Funnily enough, it curled up like that without any styling or input from me.