FitBit Force part 3 – The Rashening

Erin’s rash actually got severe enough to “ooze” and scab up a bit. She may be looking at a scar now. And oddly, it went from some patchy redness to open wound overnight. Harsh.

I mentioned that I tend to wear mine loose, but I’m also unusual in that I wear the face of it on the inside of my wrist (a watch-wearing habit I’ve had since I was young, it just feels more natural to me). This led to the metal bit more often hanging away from my skin. With that in mind, after I posted the link yesterday I switched to wearing it face on top of my wrist, and a bit tighter.

Guess who has a little red itchiness this morning?

Fitbit’s forums have a thread where folks are talking about this and one of their moderators asked everyone experiencing an issue to contact their support team, so I’ve done so. Wondering how that will end. At the moment I’m kind of thinking I’d prefer a refund at this point. The reason we chose the Force in particular was because it was the only one that fit the needs I had. I’d be worried about replacing it just to see this again.