FitBit Thoughts part 2

It’s been a couple months now. I think, more than anything, that I’m not using the FitBit right, as it were.

I mean the thing is, ok, here it is on my wrist all the time. It does record steps and it does record climbing stairs, and… so what? I very rarely actually check it. I don’t know that I’ve ever exceeded the 10k steps to get a smiley face in the app, and I rarely check the app. It dinged on my phone the other day to let me know I’d gotten a badge for climbing like 500 flights of stairs. That’s good. So what?

It’s also not really like I’m deliberately ignoring it. It has its little water thing, and I do (usually) log my water intake faithfully. It certainly has encouraged me to do better there, even if I then totally don’t mention the rum and coke that followed. And in the process of doing so I glance at my stats… but that’s the only time.

And the sleep thing, I don’t get what the use is of that. I’d hoped it’d be able to provide insight or advice for more fitful sleep, but it just shows me if I was awake in the night, which most of the time I already knew. Because I was awake for it, you see. That one’s a disappointment because it was kind of the big reason I got the damn thing.

The other reason I got the damn thing was for Erin, who no longer wears hers because it was giving her a rash. I haven’t experienced that, and have come to find it rather comfortable in fact.

I guess it’s not that I think it’s a bad device or anything, I just don’t feel motivated by it to do anything. Did I think that it was what would get me off my ass? I don’t really recall, if I’m honest. I do remember being interested in the general stats about me it would provide, but that hasn’t seemed that fascinating. Right now I’m surprised to learn it’s 5pm and I’ve only taken 917 steps today (and yet five flights of stairs). 

For what it’s worth.