Just an observation

Over the past year or so it seems like the number of people driving around at all times with their brights on, without dimming them for other drivers, has ramped up dramatically. 

I mean, I know I’m in Atlanta and all so a certain amount of dumb, asshole drivers is to be expected. But seriously, the rate at which I’m spotting them has noticeably gone up. I used to see one distinct case every couple of days. Now I’m seeing 2-4 a day, easily. And I’m not accidentally counting people who have misaligned headlights (there’s always loads of those), I’m looking specifically for that second set of lights on. When I’m not blinded, that is. 

Sometimes it follows that old pattern of ‘one headlight’s out so I’ll turn on the brights to compensate’, which is stupid but at least has a sort of explanation. But very frequently they’re just… on. Always. 

It’s also not just one area of the city. Downtown, out in the suburbs, around the new house, and even out by a friend’s place in Locust Grove the other night. And it happens on areas that are very poorly lit, and areas that are relatively well lit. 

I don’t fucking get it. But thought I’d comment.