More Star Citizenship

Star Citizen is moving along pretty quickly lately. After the livestream last weekend they topped the 12mil mark on the pledges. That was Sunday. It’s now Friday, and a few hours ago they passed 13mil. 

For those that have always wanted to command a carrier, they did mentioned that the 15mil stretch goal will be to add a player-piloted escort carrier. For real.

Anyway I’ve been collecting a handful of links lately and thought I’d lay them out for folks wanting more info.

They just released a short video and a lengthy document about their plans for the economy. They’re both here. I find this idea very, very interesting, not least of which because it means that the game itself will be sending pubbies to my guild’s awaiting blockades. 

Because of the dwindling time to make pledges for a few of these ships (a couple go un-pledgeable tomorrow) someone put together a comparison chart of the lot of them. This may not make sense so here’s the two quick important parts: TR means thrust rating. Higher number, more thrust. Every ship has a main engines and then little upgradeable thrusters for maneuvering. Weapons, class 1 means guns pointing forward. Class 2 means guns with a little range of motion. Class 3 is missile racks, and class 4 is a full articulated turret. 

For those that want a little more 3D animation action, during the livestream Chris Roberts (the genius behind all of this) surprised his crew by deciding to show off the art and animations of the RSI Constellation. It’s in high def so be sure to crank it to 1080p and watch in fullscreen if you’re interested. By the way, that’s the beast I pledged for (yes I am insane for throwing that kind of money at a game. My wife also has a Freelancer. What of it).

Out in the official forums there’s a tremendous amount of idiocy… common to most public forums… but the Ask a Developer section has a lot of interesting replies to questions from devs and it’s a good source of largely speculative information. So much is not yet finalized but at least it tells you where they want to go.

And finally, because it kept coming up in discussions on IRC, I started keeping a list of potential names for ships, preferably with deeper/funnier meanings. You can find that here. If you want to add to the list you can find my submission form here. Do try to keep it humorous, even if very subtle.