Star Citizen

Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it on this blog or not, but I’ve become a complete whore for Star Citizen. 

If you haven’t heard of it, remember Wing Commander? Well Chris Roberts, the guy who did Wing Commander, got out of the gaming industry around 2000 to focus on other stuff. He just got back in to it and decided to try to make a totally crowd funded game. Actually two games, tied together. One is Squadron 42, which will be along the lines of Wing Commander itself, you fly for the military blah blah. The other is Star Citizen (the whole project is called Star Citizen really), an MMO with some Privateer style to it.

And Privateer is my favorite game of all time, so guess how intensely excited I am.

For the crowdfunding they’re letting folks pledge for nicer spaceships ahead of time. It’s working: they’ve raised over 11.5 million, making it the biggest crowdfunded game of all time. And they’re definitely putting in the work. To show off, they made this: An in-engine commercial for one of the available ships (see if you can recognize the Wing Commander 3 reference).

Anyway, I post because I want to make sure people that are interested know to get in on it. People who have backed it early get certain perks, and one of those is “lifetime insurance”. You can get into the game without having backed it, and work your way up to a big ship and all, but if you lose it, you lose it. Those that back early for a nicer ship get LTI, meaning if my rather large and advanced vessel gets blown up, it’s replaced free. There’s only like a week left to get LTI on anything, so read up on it quickly if it’s the sort of thing you’d be after.

They just launched their new site overnight. Hope it sounds fun!