In that previous bit I mentioned my temptation to record a privacy piece, and I’ve decided to go ahead with such. Put together a presentation deck and will get to recording today depending on work schedule.

There’s been this load of ‘revelations’ about the NSA’s monitoring yesterday and this morning, but really, not one bit of it should be a surprise. We’ve already heard most of it in one form or another, what came out from The Guardian regarding Verizon is just the first leaked evidence that Obama’s administration has continued it: this specific order has been going on since 2006, and the NSA plans to monitor internet traffic is older than that.

And with resources like that against us, there’s only so much that can be done for privacy. The goal with the slides I’ve put together isn’t as much to help you escape that monitoring, but to make it clear how pervasive it is and how hard it is to get away from it. There will, at least, be some tips for more secure internettery. But you can’t participate in post-internet society without being tracked in some form.