That’s a Wrap

The English Premier League season ended yesterday. It wasn’t the same tense photo-finish kind of end that happened last year, unfortunately. The trophy was won several weeks ago, and the relegation zone was finalized last week. 

The most notable thing is of course that the veteran manager Sir Alex Ferguson is finally retiring from Manchester United after winning another trophy. He’s being replaced with Moyes from Everton and we’re still waiting to see who will replace him over there. Moyes is good but I’m wondering if he’s up to the task of handling a team that’s this high-profile. Meanwhile the  security of several of the other manager positions is proving interesting. Newcastle signed an 8 year contract with Alan Pardew immediately before their season took an embarrassing nosedive. They were saved from relegation only by virtue of Wigan being more consistently shitty. 

Liverpool once again started to shape up too late in the season, but at least finished slightly higher than last year. A handful of injuries and, notably, suspensions kept the squad from being as consistent as they should have been. Over the summer there’s a lot of work to be done, but there are a few positive signs to be seen. Suarez and Sturridge had been showing some strong teamwork as soon as the latter was brought in. Coutinho and Borini also looked competent. Raheem Sterling, the 17 year old who was brought up from the junior team as soon as Borini was injured early on, showed a huge amount of promise and may shape up to be a strong player. 

Anyway. Fortunately the MLS is now in full swing so I’ll be able to watch over the summer. It’s not as fabulous to watch but it’s still good stuff.