And a followup

Luis Suarez just got handed a 10 match ban.┬áThat’s not at all a surprise, frankly. I do want to see how he reacts to it all.

Also wanted to offer this, a piece written by his teammate Jamie Carragher who has a regular column in the Daily Mail (I’d normally never link trash like the Mail but if that’s where his column is…). Carra points out that Luis has joined a long line of badly-behaving players… including an incident with Carra himself… that otherwise went on to lead strong careers. One of the former players particularly critical of Luis now broke another player’s jaw once, for instance. Much worse than a bite (if less silly). I disagree with his eventual conclusion that the club should stick by Suarez because he’s a good player, because even great players can be massive problems, but the bit of historical perspective is valuable.