What I’m working on now

Fuck all.

Yeah, that’s no fun really. But not much has been going on, frankly, or rather not much I could call a “project”. Getting the lawn care situation dealt with and replacing my car’s headlight bulb is hardly entertaining or worth describing. I did construct the kid’s new bike but given that I mostly just tightened a few bolts and adjusted the seat it doesn’t seem worth talking about either. 

And all the old projects I might have picked up again haven’t been of interest. Arduino is still incredibly cool and I’ve got like three laying around, but it’s all still packed after the move and I haven’t had the inspiration to do anything with them. There haven’t been any real jerry-rigged fixes around the house needed either, given that it’s actually in a decent condition. Even the book I started writing is on indefinite hold, mostly because I realized that some variant of Poe’s law would cause it to come back and chew my ass off. 

Got a new camera, barely had time to play with it yet. Got a new job, same company, still learning the ropes. Errr… meh.