The Plan for 2013

Right, so 2012 was as fun as always, but not a winner overall. Nor was 2011. No more of this glory-sharing from a 2010 split decision!

The plan for 2013 has been laid out in its basic form. What I need to finalize is the design. A specific design. A very, very secret design. All of it, the decor, the costumes, the extras, and most especially the beverage, will hinge on the design.

All Hail the Design. 

We’ve got some unusual costume sourcing to do here, may need to do specialized custom orders from someone with proper equipment. And depending on cost perhaps we can do extras for the judges. They’ll be perfect, if a tad warm.

Also got an idea for goodies, not unlike the specialized beverage containers from the Radiation room, but less practical. 

By curious coincidence we already had some of the decor on hand due to an aborted plan for last year’s room. It just wasn’t going to work out then, but it will be very helpful now. Several options available there. 

But the beverage, oh the beverage. Extreme care must be taken with it. One runs the risk of getting too fancy, too complex, when speed and simplicity and flavor and alcohol are needed. Oh and no vodka again because of Thi. Keep forgetting that.

With the move out of the way and the last scraps of that situation being cleared up, it is time to begin in earnest.