A friend of mine lives in Nashville, a Democrat in a sea of red state voters. He mentioned this shortly ago.

Went to lunch with a couple of locals. Politics of course came up. I said “It’s been a ball watching the Republican party try to fall in love with Mitt”. Both smiled, looked at their plates and shook their heads. One dude said “I just don’t think I can vote for a cultist.”

Which goes back to what I’d said a while back about the GOP’s base having trouble going with Romney. He’s the candidate the party wanted, but not the candidate their voters wanted. Although I’m sure most of the normal base will have no problems voting for him, there will still be some struggling with voting for Romney versus looking towards a candidate they want.

And that brings me to my next suspicion, which is that a whole heck of a lot of voters are going to get into the booth tomorrow, see an entry for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, and think to themselves “…. huh.” I’d doubt any third party candidates would get anywhere near picking up a state, but I definitely look forward to seeing the final polls. If one of them can manage ten or fifteen percent of the vote, it’s going to be a big fucking deal.