The DragonCon Kit

There’s a handful of items that we have around the house which generally only see use at DragonCon (or at conventions in general). While cleaning today I realized that most of this was scattered around the house when they should be kept together, even if only in a closet for a year. Since I have a spare gear bag, I’ve decided to start storing it all in one convenient location.

I’m sure the list will need to grow, but here’s the initial stuff.

  • Lanyards (I always freaking forget them)
  • Flasks (His and Hers)
  • Small box of safety pins
  • Spare roll of duct tape
  • Spare roll of masking tapeĀ 
  • Pens/Sharpie
  • Small notebook
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Spare digital watch
  • Lighter
  • Multitool (I have a couple, this one can live here)
  • Bottle of Aspirin or whatever
  • Sewing kit?
  • Nail clipper kit

Anyway, plenty of people probably have similar bags and ideas, but this is my start. Only took me 12 years to get it going….