Pub Crawl Update

I do so love offering these tantalizing glimpses into our deranged little universe, just to watch everyone flail about with their weak little minds trying to comprehend the madness. Ergo, here’s a status update on the pub crawl room.

  • Drinks finalized. Two ingredients each. Not trying to be fancy, trying to get you drunk. Did have to compromise on one… it proved to be a rather volatile flavor combo, and we don’t want to risk vomiting.
  • Black velvet painting complete (and nicely done Erin!)
  • Fish is being resprayed.
  • The severed head has been properly arranged for display.
  • Been having trouble getting Zoe to leave the other corpse alone. You know how kids are.
  • Costumes are in progress as I type. 

Incidentally, Erin and I have added an official accomplice to our room: Brian is an old friend from way back but who lives up in Buffalo. We only ever get to see him at DragonCon and decided to attach him to our room crew so he’ll get to participate in the whole pub crawl too. Plus, with the overalls he should fit into the theme nicely.