Something to do.

Now and then I post a link to something or other because it seems like it’s full of neat ideas or concepts or history. Usually this only occurs when I find something cool, or when I find an old link that’s been floating around in my bookmarks. But now and then I think “holy crap, there’s a lot of awesome shit out there.” And there is! Loads of it! The awesomest shit you could imagine. 

So I think, in part to drive myself to go looking for new cool shit, I’m going to try to make this a more regular thing. Possibly daily. And I’ll rotate from random DIY stuff to instructional videos, and probably add in my Profiles in Engineering Badassery. I doubt it will actually turn out to be daily, but with luck I’ll at least manage two or three a week. As it stands I’m going to schedule a few ahead of time and get them out of my bookmarks.