Officially office-ial.

My company is finally moving us out of the basement and upstairs. The seating arrangements have been published, the other group is kicked out of the space, the facilities guys have finished splitting the offices into two cubes each. It’s actually going to happen.

You know what I’ll appreciate about that most? I mean the daylight will be good and all. But I’ll probably most enjoy that the rest of the building is no longer stopping off at our floor to use the bathroom. It’s the popular spot, apparently, to scuttle off to take a massive dump so that nobody else on the other floors can catch them in the act. This means that at least one of the stalls is clogged daily, cutting off the potty supply for one of the most heavily populated floors in the building, occasionally forcing those of us who have just arrived at the office having chugged a commuter mug of coffee to seek yet another floor without such overstrained facilities for relief. 

So that’ll be pleasant.

What I’ll miss most is being as far as possible from the areas of travel. My cube is a good 30 feet from the main hall, and people don’t come down this direction unless they actually need to see me (and know where to find me). The office will now have us right next to a populated area with a reasonable amount of traffic. That may get annoying. But probably worth it in the long run.

As a bonus, my office-mate will be a guy I’ve worked with here for all five years, and with whom I worked at the previous job as well. He and I are both pretty quiet. So on the upside, I didn’t get stuck with some of the more talkative folks.