Pub Crawl Thoughts

Right, so, the new theme is worked out. It won’t be fancy. It probably won’t win awards. But it will, hopefully, be funny. And perhaps it’ll get a few folks drunk. That is, of course, the primary goal. We could have a theme of “this is our room, come drink straight rum” and although it may not be entertaining or interesting, someone’s going to be tipsy on the way out. 

And that’s a noble thing.

Working out a budget to plan the new one. I hadn’t thought it would be too bad, relatively speaking, though I’m shocked to learn that those damn singing bass are like $60. Seriously! What the hell?! Anyway. Decor ideas are in the works. Costuming for it will be easy as hell for me, though we need to decide how to do Erin’s bit. 

Still working on the drink though. We have a theme for the drink itself in mind but the first test probably won’t pan out: it was DELICIOUS, but the alcohol content too low and price for one ingredient in bulk too high to make it work for a whole party. For what it’s worth, that one is a layered shot: grenadine on the bottom, white chocolate liqueur (the expensive bit) on top. Lovely.

But I’m sure we can work something out.