OnStar gives no fucks.

Hey, remember when OnStar was collecting your data even when you weren’t making use of the service (they have since, allegedly, changed their policy)? And letting you track the activities of your loved ones? That was just wonderful wasn’t it. Well if you loved those invasions of privacy, you’ll love this patent filing!

OnStar and GM have filed a patent for billboard ads tailored to you, driving, in your car, and the people in your car. How do they plan to know who’s in your car? In-car cameras, of course! So while they’ll have an eye on you on your morning commute, you and all the drivers around you can be greeted with for ads for that new embarrassing album you’ve been privately listening to in the car.

As patents go it’s not like it’s the first that relates to targeting ads based on in-car stuff. There are already patents filed for using GPS and other car data to alter those fancy video billboards, so it may be that OnStar has already been beaten to the punch. OnStar also claims the effect will be strictly opt-in only… but of course, they’ve skipped that pesky little step in the past.