Moving On Up

I made mention in passing a month or so ago that they were talking of moving my team from the converted storage room in the basement that we occupy (in one of the most genuinely depressing looking cube farms I’ve ever seen) up to a floor where we may in fact get some sunlight here and there. Well we’ve known for a while now that the official formal go-ahead was given on that, and the wheels are turning. I might get to move out of the Beige Labyrinth of Despair by the middle of next month.

Now that we’re past April 1st I’m willing to believe it, at any rate. 

We still don’t have official plans but it’s almost completely confirmed that they’ll just take some of the existing offices and put us in there, two each. That means I’ll have about half the space I currently do but at least the noise of everyone else will be lessened considerably. And perhaps the more-frequent opportunity for some natural light will improve my mood. That would be pleasant.

It also means I won’t have any need to traverse the Revolvertron 9000 anymore (which, as it happens, has been functioning normally since the last update). And I won’t be locked into our storage room anymore, my peers who get to live on the upper floors like the Eloi to my Morlock will get to stop by now and then. Not sure if I’ll be pleased about that, heh. But we’ll see how it goes. If I’m lucky (totally won’t be lucky) I’ll even get to be in one of the external offices with a window.

Maybe above all we won’t have random people just passing through the bottom-level elevator bank heading to the smoking section, most of whom unwilling to return my polite smile and nod when I see them, as if they’re afraid of interacting with the subhuman monstrosities they keep down on our level now. Though we are on the same floor as the help desk is, and I have to say I might react the same way if I only occasionally saw one of those freaks.

If nothing else it should smell a great deal nicer.