Like a fucking thunderbolt in the midst of a rainstorm (because I was in the shower when it occurred to me) a good plan for the Poor Man’s Pub Crawl at 2012’s DragonCon hit me. It was classy, it was appropriately themed, it would give a bit of creative room with the drinks, it would let people be involved if they really wanted to be involved, and there would be a certain amount of acting to be done. Brilliant!

Step one, costumes. We actually already have part of one of them, gathered years ago when doing a little light planning for a related costume group that we never really pulled together. That may be an issue: it will be exceptionally warm, and when drinking, might be hugely uncomfortable. Will have to consider that. Will need the hat though. The other costume shouldn’t be onerous.

Step two, drinks. After a little light planning we’ve decided to wrangle four different themed drinks, all of which are simple yet powerful. Can’t give too much away but I will reveal that one is expected to be titled “Spicy Baby Squeezins”.

Step three, decor. This will actually be relatively simple to do, and mostly of the burden here will be hauling the materials to the hotel. It should look pretty good. Part of the problem will be that the theme would normally seem rather somber, rather than a rowdy drinking affair, which it will certainly be. Must consider that.

Step four, the special items. Not details to be had here because without explanation it wouldn’t make much sense. But we’ll need to be giving out goodies of a sort before people get to the room. And hopefully there will be enough time to do so without it being a rush.

Step five, the acting. I have a role to practice… actually, two. One of the two would be simple. Both will be an interesting challenge.

Getting quite excited at the prospect, though. Feels good to be inspired again. Does this mean I’m out of my funk of the past six months or so? Probably not quite, but it’s a start at least.