That Bear.

According to the NFC North blog, the record for the most touchdown returns is held by Deion Sanders, who has 19. He scored those 19 across his career of 188 games.

Devin Hester, following last night’s performance, is at 18 returns. So far, he’s played 88 games in his career. And, of course, he’s still the only player to return the opening kickoff of a Super Bowl.

I’m starting to think that Hester is the best thing to happen to the Bears since Walter Payton. That might be an extreme statement, I grant you: the Bears have had some pretty strong players here and there in the interim. But in terms of sheer spectacle brought to the team’s games, there’s not a whole lot of question. Hester isĀ amazing. He’s a great and dangerous player, he boasts enough quality that other teams will specifically alter their plays to try to defeat just him, and above all else, he’s a blast to watch.

I get the feeling he won’t go down in the hall of fame, but either way, he’s going to be remembered by Chicago fans for a long damn time.