Couple of consultants around here….

1: So I was hearing on the news that there’s this synthetic drug that kids are taking, they get like super high on that shit. Man, they’re wrecking their lives.
2: Oh yeah, man. I mean I’m not against banning that shit, but some people just can’t handle it.
1: They reach a point where they just have a shit job and blow all their money on pot.
2: Yeah, I mean, I smoked once like ages ago but some people just can’t give it up.
1: Oh well yeah, I’ve smoked a few times too, sure, but you know.
2: Yeah, yeah. A friend used to have like a custom built smoking den. I guess he still does.
1: Nice, we used to go hang out at some bar where they had a back room where we’d smoke.
2: Bars, yeah, plenty of bars doing that. There was one I used to hang out at where we’d chill and do bennies and shit…
1: Yeah, done that too. I try not to get super high anymore and shit, you know….