TOWER OF TERROR: Atlanta Edition

Just had a little elevator incident.

Four of us on an elevator here in the office. One guy leaves on the 7th floor. The doors close, and there’s a little shudder as the thing starts moving.

And then WHOOOOM, it drops. Felt like it made it a good half a floor, though it was probably a couple of feet, tops. There was a huge clang as the brakes went on. The lights we’d hit went dark and it just sat there until I moved over to hit the 6th floor button. It sat for a second doing nothing, then slowly moved down and opened the doors to let us flee through them.

Afterwards we hit the down button a few times, only to have the same elevator open up each time. So the three of us took the stairs.

Once we got back downstairs I stuck my head in the security office to let them know. “Oh yeah, someone else just called to warn us. We’re getting it taken care of.” Guess they hadn’t gotten to it before we hopped on.

Had a similar, but less dramatic, incident here a few years ago, though I was on my own in the elevator for that one. It only dropped an inch or so that time. But damn.

Good times though.