Seeing Sharp

Not that this has anything to do with DIY or personal projects or whatnot, but at work I’ve been doing a little light development with C# for some administrative applications. It’s proving to be rather theraputic.

The office and I have a bit of a negative history over the VB / C thing. When they first started hinting that they’d like it if I could develop small apps to handle the common dumb tasks nobody wanted to fight with, they offered to spring for some training. Great, I said! I’d used small bits of VB here and there but would love to get more training with C, which I’d used much more frequently, on and off since college. They seemed cool with that and started looking at classes.

Then out of the blue, one of the more senior admins said no, he developed in VB so I should too (this in spite of the fact that the IT department’s dev team official standard was C#…), so they instead canceled my plans, sent me to a VBscript class, and expected me to use VB from here on out.

When said admin suggested recently that I do an app to handle fiddly little task X, he also said I could do so in whatever language I chose (with which he meant I should use instead of VBscript, because that’s what he uses now too). Having gotten a little stronger in the C stuff thanks to Arduino, I knocked it out in a day or so in C#, and have blown them away with it. 

It’s not like the couple I’ve developed since do a lot of fancy shit, mind you. They’re just console apps to do this and that little task that can be readily scheduled on a server without needing interference. But that little joy of successfully creating an app is an excellent match for that little joy of shoving a red hot poker in someone’s eye. Err, I mean, team player!