Still Dieting

So on a less critical note than the execution of a questionably-guilty-at-best man, and yet of greater importance than fantasy football, the diet is continuing. Today marks the first day of Phase 2 of South Beach, and it couldn’t come quickly enough. The weight has been coming off, which is nice. I actually had to change belts today because the one was slightly too large (it was already very close though)! So there’s that.

But more importantly the wife discovered an approved recipe that was good enough that it felt like cheating. She called it Imitation Fried Chicken, and even for the non-South Beach people, it should be rather healthy. It’s like chicken finger shake and bake but with relatively healthy ingredients, and was therefore awesome. It’s also pretty easy to do. It’d make great bachelor chow.

At any rate my desire to slay passerby and wear their faces to sneak into a Burger King to devour many french fries in my perfect fleshy disguise (the blood is a skin condition) is dramatically lessened this evening.