It’s a holiday now?

A friend that lives in Nashville was just asked what his family was doing for 9/11.

For folks in New York, or DC, or for families known to have lost someone in the event, I can understand the need to have plans. I can understand the desire to remember the event with ceremonies and the like.

I don’t understand, however, how 9/11 seems to have turned into a holiday. And not just this one offhand comment: I saw a picture the other day of a craft store that had a 9/11 section in their seasonal display. It was mostly just repurposed 4th of July patriotic stuff, but who would be crafting for it anyway? A flaming WTC cross-stitch? A scrapbook of newspaper cuttings talking about the death toll?

So what to do for 9/11? How about a Towering Inferno BBQ, complete with Infidel Pig Roast! You’ll fall head over heels for my smoked ribs!