Day… which day is it?

DragonCon has been fun! I’ve been slacking off hardcore on taking pictures but I should get more tonight when the A-game costumes come out.

Also, you know. I am both ill and hungover, so I’ll be clinging to those excuses too.

Just got shopping done. The kid’s traditional plush thing, the “help the nephew annoy his parents” noisemaker (a nice creative option this time), and the traditional “thanks for babysitting” gift for mom. Disappointed a bit, though. There are usually looooong booths with glass cases of assorted minis and I was hoping to find a less common one here rather than bother with ebay or whatnot. But there are only two booths with any of them, and both of those are tiny and pitiful. It was only going to be a little decoration so no big deal, but a disappointment anyway.

Other notes, the breakfast buffet at Sear in the Marriott again proves to be a tasty (and cripplingly expensive) hangover mellower. Also, my phone’s battery is draining about five times faster than normal. Didn’t think I was abusing it that badly. Oh, and the Hilton has been a great place to stay, aside from the elevator situation. It’s rough.