Still with the Second Guessing

The RPG plan continues to come together. The first batch of missions, which I guess I’ll call Chapter 1, are laid out. The mapping for the critical ones are done (and I’ll do the others on the fly thanks to a big easel pad), the story, etc. And I’ve got a rough layout ready for Chapter 2, and even some ideas for 3 and beyond. 

But with a second pass before I put Chapter 1 out of my mind for the time being, I realized something. I’m way, way underdoing the loot. Not as relates to credits, of course. It’s easy to come up with payouts. But how do you get your players that +1 Sword in Star Wars? I had another look at the bunch of them and added in a couple of special items, and there was already the one special item that’s kind of part of the plan. Needed more.

So I went back and started playing KOTOR again to get a better idea of where to run with it. Obviously I’m not going to be as generous as the game is at times, in particular because all that looting will take my players for-goddamned-ever. It had all I really needed, though. Tech visors and belts, specialized gloves and unique armor, stat-altering implants, customizable weapons and the components to do the customizing… there are, in fact, plenty of options.

And so now the trick is finding the right balance.