Uh oh.

In 2004, my friends had successfully gotten me hooked on hockey. I had begun to understand the intricacies of it all, I was appreciating how to string together a proper play, and getting to grips with actually being able to see the goddamned puck on the ice. I was ready and excited to begin the 2004/5 season as a fan.

Then the lockout happened and all of their effort went to waste. I don’t give a crap about the NHL anymore. And in fact, I’m glad the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg, because now I don’t have to pretend to give a crap in front of local friends. It was a weight off my sports-mind.

The 2011 NFL season will happen after all, but once again, I’m finding it difficult to care. I’ve spent the summer ignoring the few updates to the legal wrangling, missed out on the normal offseason talk, and now… things are apparently happening? It’s been so easy for any interest in it to slip away.

It feels weird. The Bears signed some people apparently, and I just can be bothered to read up on it.

But Stephen Gerrard is injured!