34 Days

34 days from right now, I’ll be packing up the last bags, putting my laptop in the car, etc. The checklist on my whiteboard will be reviewed a few more times. The registration cards will find their way to a pocket on my backpack. At around 10am, we’ll roll out.

This range, the month-and-a-half distance to the convention, that’s when you really start to salivate. It finally reaches those relativistic temporal cooridnates best defined as “almost here.” We have finally spotted the shimmering oasis on the horizon of the incredibly nerdy desert, and everything becomes distorted in the run-up to a weekend of awesome.

And you know, every year I get a delayed-reaction post-con depression, usually right before the holidays where I start thinking, nah, why bother to go, who cares. But I stick with it. And conversely we reach this period just before the con when the anticipation is palpable.

I’m starting to worry I have too much emotional investment in this but who the fuck cares. Because Dragon*Con, bitches. It’s almost here.