The Drain

Nothing technical has really been capturing my interest lately. There hasn’t been any new whiz-bang DIY project for me to take up and abandon, half finished. I take it back, there is one such project that I began and is now languishing on the desk behind me, but it’s strictly non-technical. Won’t get into that one here though.

Summertime in Atlanta (well, anywhere in the deep south really) means this kind of physically and mentally draining heat and humidity. You go outside for a few minutes and it gets difficult to think straight. Even indoors with air conditioning it seems to sap creative energies. But on top of that, the assorted work-related projects that are happening, or being canceled, plus this neverending stream of family weekend birthday parties and other celebrations eating up free time, etc.

Ideas do flow, of course, inspired by the DIY efforts of others. This 768 theoretical PWM control by a single Arduino, for instance? It is, essentially, the missing piece for my LEDs-under-glass desk idea. Far too lazy to attempt to make that happen anytime soon, though.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. I’m not certain how I’ve avoided doing so for so long, but it’s well worth suffering its 1000 pages. Really good book.