The Death of My Mouse

My mouse is dying, and this is a cause of tremendous concern for me.

Since 2006, since just after it was launched, I’ve rocked a Logitech MX Revolution mouse. It is unquestionably the greatest mouse I’ve ever used in my life. The weight of it is reassuringly heavy, and real. The side buttons are useful. The recharging station has never failed to provide enough power for even the most lengthy and intense gaming sessions. And the scroll wheel is a work of true hardware art, overshadowing all the rest of my praise.

Alas, five years is a long time for any piece of hardware. It’s showing signs of age, and more. Lately it’s gotten to the point that right-clicking in particular will work in an iffy manner, if at all, which destroys its reliability in any sort of gaming. This is extremely upsetting to me, because I’ve had no other digital companion so faithful. It’s seen so much with me… both Mass Effect games, the triumphant return of Fallout 3 and the far superior Fallout: New Vegas. It’s been there for both Left For Deads, and, well, countless others. With the exception of its poorly-placed search button, it is, in my opinion, the ultimate mouse.

And it’s dying.

This distresses me to no end. I’ve gone so far as to consider replacing the underlying circuitry of a few failing bits to extend its life, and I looked into replacing the surface-mount switch for the right-click. But before I even began I knew it’d be a losing battle. I’m afraid it’s time for it to be replaced.

I’ve ordered what is considered to be the next model in its line (the MX 5500), and I hope beyond anything else that it’s up to the task… there are many, many poor reviews of it, but all exclusively of the same poor sort I saw of this mouse, which were entirely false. I hope this newcomer is just as reliable.

Nevertheless, I am saddened. Me, saddened. Do you know how eager I am, at all times, to upgrade? To move to the newer, the latest and greatest? And yet I genuinely mourn for my nearly dead right-hand companion (which sounds unintentionally dirty).

Thinking about burying it in the yard. Without the battery of course, that’d be bad for the environment. I love it that much.