On Procrastination

I acknowledge that the following will make me seem extremely lazy. I’m ok with that. I own my laziness. But whatever.

I find that procrastinating on something, no matter how small, is a really good thing a lot of the time. This is because when you do get around to doing something that’s needed doing for ages, it feels like you’ve accomplished something a lot bigger than it is.

I finally got around to fixing that switch. At long last, I’ve replaced the porch light. That one switch in the foyer has needed a wall plate put on it for like years, and it feels great to finally have tackled such a monumental chore without having to take time off of work.

Not that I’d wait on something more severe… needless to say, when the plumbing went to hell the calls to repair guys were flying fast and furious. But on the lesser tasks, it’s great. So yeah, lazy. Feels good man.