Small Victories (and aggravations)


Last night they upgraded my workstation to Windows 7 and while they were at it they left a shiny new laptop (also with Windows 7) on my desk. The laptop now outperforms the workstation. I’m rather pleased with that. The old laptop has served me well but has been beset with issues from day one of our relationship. The first problem was that they were in such a rush to get me going they didn’t bother to re-image it. They just gave my account admin access and handed it over, complete with all the garbage my successor left on there. And it went downhill from there.

But now I get to spend a significant part of my day reinstalling all my normal crap on both of these things. And on top of that, to do the install they reset my domain password, so now I have to change it again immediately after I’d gotten used to the old password. Not complaining, the shiny newness of it all makes it well worth the headache.

Also, a side note. For quite some time now I’ve run a virtual machine on my workstation. The thing has dual monitors, so one screen has the normal Windows stuff I need, the other has Ubuntu in which I do my dirty work. Transition between the two is seamless, and lovely. But since all of my virtual machine wasn’t affected by this, I’ve fired it right up and had all of my more important stuff right there. Extremely helpful for this process.