Introducing Cloud-Based Liver Functions

I’d had an idea, ages ago, to help out some of my more-frequently inebriated friends. As some got older, concerns over their liver function began to grow, and I invented the incredible backpack mounted hot-swappable Liver-RAID array. Out for a night of drinking? No worries! You’ve got three of them to handle the load. And if one dies off, you can just remove it and replace it with a freshly grown one. Easy-peasy.

But that’s so 2000. Nowadays, it’s all about the Cloud. The Liver Cloud.

Your liver functions are outsourced to the cloud. If your in-laws are in town and you need more liver processing, the cloud can allocate more resources as needed. And if you have liver cycles to spare, it can be outsourced to others who need it. No fuss, no muss, no huge backpack full of livers to haul around. If your liver dies, your dual-homed Liv-Motion high availability backup will set you up with a new one inside of 30 seconds. I imagine the only real time there’d be a major strain on the system is Spring Break. Or Christmas.

We can start off small. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much investment to buy a Human Analogue Metabolistic System (HAMS) Farm, which to the untrained eye would look like a pig farm. The only real trick to work out is the infrastructure for the series of tubes needed….