[wpvideo ngJVr5Mu]

I mentioned the neat little Shiftbrite LEDs a while back. I finally got a second one and started playing with an idea I’ve had for a while, which is a light that will slowly shift to that Tron blue, and to the bad guy Tron orange, and back. A whole chain of these lights doing that, gradually getting brighter and fading again, would be a pretty neat effect, don’t you think?

It’s tricky to tell in the video but they are shifting back and forth with different levels of brightness, which proves what I’m after. The little lights would be a bit expensive on a large scale, but with proof it works, it’s a little closer to reality.

┬áThe inspiration for the idea came from this guy’s incredible, remote controlled lamp. I doubt my controls would be as advanced as his… shouldn’t be necessary for what I’m thinking… but the effect he gets is pretty brilliant.