Recreational Yardwork

I finally found the missing element to make me enjoy yardwork. You’ll never guess what it is!

It’s violence. Brutal, horrific violence resulting in gorey dismemberment.

We got one of those tree limb cutters on a steeck and we’ve barely been able to put it down. All those untamed, annoying limbs overhanging the patio in the back yard are getting slaughtered mercilessly. The smaller trees on either side of the house have been butchered (tastefully). It’s also been good for those thorn vines that were creeping all over the place: easy to slice and dice at the base of them, no need for gloves.

And that holly bush out front? They’re gonna need the dental records to identify that shit.

But the absolute best part? It’s also good exercise. Even half an hour a day, cutting limbs and dragging them up the hill to dump on the gas main spot is enough to get the blood flowing and the muscles just a little bit achey. Of course, over the weekend we out in a good three to four hours, cutting, dragging, cutting more. It’s been a decent workout. And the yard’s been getting cleaned up. And it’s fun. Win-win-win.

Getting to a point where I’m worried about running out of need-to-be-cut limbs….