Customer Service Surprise

Switched to Uverse a couple of years ago and have been enjoying the service, but just had to call them up with a billing issue. The rep was quite friendly and helpful, and she went over a few package options, which I declined.

But we’ve also been considering turning off the TV part and just keeping internet, since we don’t use the TV much. I asked that question, about what would be involved and what the monthly fee might be. As soon as I got the question out, the line went dead.

I wasn’t especially shocked of course: it’s not uncommon for these folks to get a bonus over preventing cancellations. My assumption was that I’d need to call back later when I wasn’t in the office so I could go full-on squeaky wheel.

What was shocking was that my phone rang after a minute, with the apologetic rep on the other end, wondering if I’d hung up. She then cheerfully fielded the question I’d asked and didn’t even seem upset over the prospect.

The call back was entirely unexpected. But appreciated. Maybe that’s a tactic they use for cheap warm fuzzy points. Or maybe I’m just brutally cynical.