Them Jobs

A friend in New York is desperately trying to get me to move up to the area. This is in part due to the fact that he feels I’m drowing in the southern craphole that is Atlanta (and to be fair I’ve come to like Atlanta, I just don’t like all of the locals outside of Atlanta), but mostly because the job postings for tech workers of my skills are exploding in New York. Startups are popping up everywhere and need the sort of generalized IT skills I’ve got, and they’re willing to pay for it. Even on Craigslist, the bottom-of-the-barrel job postings are close to what I’m making now WITH the annual target bonus I get.

It’s getting tempting. I’ve wanted for a while now to try downtown city living, but hadn’t considered it from the ‘move 700 miles north’ perspective: most of my musings to that effect just involved a nice condo or apartment five to ten miles closer to midtown. A change of scene would definitely be good for me. But then there’s the family to consider, and I’m not sure I’m ready or willing to uproot them so thoroughly just for more interesting job prospects.

Of course, literally during one of those conversations one of my friend’s friends contacted him saying he needed someone for such an IT job ASAP… in Honolulu. And Ferrari 308GTSs in good nick are about the same price as what I was looking to spend on my next car replacement….