The draft order for the non-playoff teams is finalized. The Vikes get 12, Lions 13. The Vikings are in a curious spot: they desperately need a QB now, and given that their offensive coordinator just got hired as the head coach, they’ll need a replacement there too. It’s a good chance to pick up both at the same time and match their mentalities, possibly change up the offense, etc. This year the Bears got to pick a new OC better suited to Cutler’s style, and while it hasn’t gone perfectly, it did show a marked improvement over 2009.

The Lions raised some interesting questions. They went 4-0 in their last four games, and not against completely-garbage teams. Did their new-ish coaching staff finally get everyone on the same page? Or did the players finally feel the motivation to muster talent in spite of it all? Both their GM and head coach have only been there two years now. I’m hoping they can finish second in the division next year (behind the Bears, obviously).

The Bears won’t know where they land until they inevitably fail their way out of the playoffs, but at least we have a first round pick again. Personally, I’d trade it for a solid young offensive tackle and some extra later round picks. The O-line isĀ crap this year. Mike Tice managed to shore them up somewhat later in the season, but it needs rebuilding. That, plus a few decent prospects on defense, and we should be able to make another run at the title next year.