Hundreds of wrecks! Ice everywhere! Drivers terrified! Cars in every ditch all across the northern end of the state! PANDEMONIUM!

Meanwhile I just had a 35 mile commute through downtown Atlanta. I did not see one speck of ice (aside from an elevated off ramp that was closed off) the whole way, and those bridges and ramps that you’d expect to be iced up had been thoroughly salted. It was too warm out for the surface streets to have iced and in fact they were mostly dry. This was one of the lightest non-weekend commutes of my life.

What the hell is your problem, Georgia? There’s been plenty of snow and ice over the past few years, it’s not like you haven’t had a chance to get used to the basics (HINT: slow down a bit, and don’t make sudden moves when the road looks wet). ¬†And what percentage of the residents in the area are transplants by now? I have coworkers who are also from Chicago, one from Detroit, a few from New Jersey/New York, all over the map. Surely a significant percentage of those have plenty of experience.