It’s beginning to look a lot like, er, February

This morning I braved sub-30 temperatures and drove through snow (not just flurries this time, it was actively snowing, if not accumulating) to get to the office. Also had to fill up with gas with no warming clothing aside from my midweight leather jacket, but that’s a bitch session for another day.

Georgia has a lot of truly obnoxious qualities to it, and one of those is the unbearably hot, humid summers. There is, however, a pleasing side effect in that the winters are mild. It’s not uncommon not to need a jacket on Christmas Day, for instance. We do get snow, and have been getting snow more frequently lately, but most of the time it doesn’t get truly, bitterly, angrily cold until February or March, and that only lasts a month or two.

It’s creeping up. I’m not sure I like that.