Uh huh.


Go ahead and watch that.

We’ve come to a point now with our airport security that passengers are given an option. You can be forced to have nude images of yourself taken, or you can be sexually molested. Oh, or you can be sued apparently.


And to what end? Really? While these are obvious attempts to make it look like we’re secure, do they help? At all? They don’t, in fact. There’s a far bigger flaw, a far easier to exploit flaw, that’s being willfully ignored even though this article brought it to light two years ago.


To save you the trouble of reading it, a journalist has proven repeatedly that it’s a complete snap to print your own boarding pass and get through security with no problem, even if you’re on the no-fly list. He’s proven that their fluid restrictions don’t mean shit as well.

We’re blowing millions on teams of high school dropouts at security checkpoints who are allowed to have naked pictures of you or feel you up at will, for no useful benefit. Good job, Washington.