Top 5 games

I reinstalled one of my top 5 games of all time and it got me thinking about said top 5. So for the record, here are my top 5 favorite games of all time (often in spite of their flaws):

1- Privateer

Based on the Wing Commander franchise, this is really quite dated but will probably never stop being my #1. Amongst all else it offers a remarkable sense of freedom in what one does, a freedom I appreciate more than I can express. It somehow goes beyond being fun and into an almost spiritual sense of escapism. It’s great.

2- Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.

This is not only my 2nd favorite game, it’s my favorite Vampire setting amongst all games, movies, or literature. The story elements, the atmosphere it creates, ¬†and the painfully real depiction of how such a society would exist is just about the pinnacle of storytelling.

3- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

It comes close to beating The Empire Strikes Back as the best Star Wars media ever. It’s that good. Like Bloodlines, the storytelling is impeccable. It draws you in like little else and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the standard for all RPG games.

4- Mass Effect

It’s made by the same people as #3, and tells the story in a similar manner, but with two distinct positives: one, it’s an incredible original property, and two, it adds action to the RPG genre. The sequel had more content but I prefer the first for several silly reasons.

5- Silent Hunter III

It’s a submarine simulation from WW2 and like KOTOR, it’s the standard for historical simulation games to me. It has two sequels in different environments and with better technology, but neither manage to capture the thrill of the kill and the following intensity of being hunted by a British destroyer.

 Notice the trend? The games I love so well are always the ones that tell good stories or draw you in. Hm.